Lifelong Learning for USW Members

“Experience has shown that worker growth and development are stunted when programs are mandated from above, but flourish in an atmosphere of voluntary participation in self-designed and self-directed training and education.” USW/Company Contract Language

National Scope

Institute for Career Development is a national joint labor-management eduation program of the United Steelworkers and participating companies where USW members work.

Local Focus

Each Career Development program is locally governed by a committee composed of members of the Local Union and representatives of the participating company.

Individualized Learning

Participants design and develop their own training and education plan according to their personal goals, choosing courses and programs to meet their individual learning objectives.

News from the Field

Big changes for ICD Gadsden

After more than five years serving the members of USW Local 12 as ICD Coordinator of the USW/Goodyear-Gadsden Career Development Program, Bruce Phillips is retiring at the end of November.

Jackie Crowe, selected as his replacement, is already on the job, working side-by-side with Phillips until his departure.

Mon Valley ICD completes Braddock Bench Project

The USW/U.S. Steel-Mon Valley Works Career Development Program () and USW Local 1219 recently teamed up for a unique Community Project.

Photos from Fayetteville and Fort Wayne

Assistant Director Sean Hayden recently visited the USW/BFGoodrich-Fort Wayne and USW/Goodyear-Fayetteville Career Development Programs (but not on the same day!)

In Fayetteville, Hayden got a site visit from Coordinator Ron Sandy, which also included trips to the USW Local 959 union hall and to Fayetteville Tech Community College. 

In the visit to Fort Wayne, Coordinator Jermaine Abram provided photos from the program's inaugural and successful culinary class.

Photos from Danville

Executive Director Al Long and Program Specialist Korey Fiste recently visited the USW/Goodyear-Danville Learning Center to meet with the staff.

Al will have more thoughts in an upcoming blog, but in the meantime enjoy these photos, which include shots of the learning center's new welding lab.

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