The launching of Learning Opportunities Week

We have an exciting new initiative at ICD:  Learning Opportunities Week.  The inaugural Learning Opportunities Week, scheduled for the week of June 12, 2017, will be a chance for ICD and all of our sites across the country to promote the excellent work you do. So mark your calendars, star those days, use a highlighter. We expect this to become a big deal.

We first announced “Education Week” at our National Conference last fall when the idea (suggested by Advisory Board Member Mark Langbehn) got approval from our Governing Board.  Since then we have been planning ways to promote the program and engage members during that week with anticipation that it will grow each year.  We envision a Learning Opportunities Week similar to the safety week that engages members and promotes ICD and all of the opportunities to learn each of us has.

We will be sending more information about Learning Opportunities Week and lots of ideas in the coming months.  We look forward to seeing and hearing the ways in which each of our sites bring about this initiative.

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Here we go: The 2017 Learning Summits

It doesn't seem that long ago that we wrapped up in Mobile, but since then we have been busy brainstorming the 2017 Learning Summits. And that's not fake news.

With the locations, dates and hotels all settled, the Learning Summits are now open for registration.

You can regisater by going to our and choosing which Summit you want to attend. Remember, both Summits will offer the same content; we just offer them twice to make it more convenient for your schedule.

The first Summit will be May 31-June 1 at the Marriott at Vanderbilt University in Nashville and will include a second-day optional tour of the USW/Bridgestone Americas-Warren County Learning Center.

The second Summit will be Sept. 19-20 at the Downtown Marriott in Milwaukee and will include a second-day optional tour of the nearby USW/Harley-Davidson plant.

The ICD Learning Summits are a day-and-a-half of focused training on topics currently pertinent to local Career Development Programs. This year's content will concentrate on education provided by the program including ideas for new classes and for promotion of those classes.

In addition, guest speakers at the Summit will focus on advanced manufacturing and lifelong learning. Participants will also spend time planning for Learning Opportunities Week 2017 and 2018.

Finally, I'd like to remind everyone that just because this is a non-conference year it does not mean that local program training should take a backseat. We consider the agenda and training modules we are developing to be important to the local programs, and I know that all programs have travel funds appropriated in their annual budgets. We expect all sites to be represented at one of the Summits. If there is anything we can do at our office to facilitate your attendance, please let us know.

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Road trip to Granite City

Last week Korey and I visited the USW/U.S. Steel – Granite City program. It was my first time visiting the program and it was a very impressive tour! I want to thank USW Local 1899 president Dan Simmons and Coordinator Marshall McElroy for taking the time out to show us around.

We got to see a lot of the learning opportunities available to the Steelworkers there, including an electrical wiring lab that includes a hands-on model of how to properly connect a home generator to a home’s existing electrical system.

The program invested in two small CNC machines that work hand-in-hand with a computer lab where the members learn the programming aspect of CNC. Marshall gave us a good demonstration. The projects that have been created are just amazing! We also got to see the woodworking lab and some of the projects there. You can check out some of the photos from our trip in the photo gallery below.

Another interesting item shown was the “Cricut” cutting machine.  Basically it’s a cutting machine that looks like an oversized computer printer that connects to a PC and does precise cutting. 

With the large number of workers laid off at Granite City, the Career Development Program continues to offer learning opportunities for the workers either through Customized Classes or Tuition Assistance.

Keep up the good work Marshall, we were impressed!

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Announcing the 2016 Tino Fulimeni Memorial Scholarship winners

One of the many highlights of the 2016 ICD National Conference -- and always one of the highlights of our year -- was the drawing at random of the 10 winners of the Tino Fulimeni Memorial Scholarship.

Once we returned from Mobile, we began the process of contacting the winners and verifying that they met all the qualifying standards. Well, the hay is in the barn, as they say.

Here are your winners of the 2016 Tino Fulimeni Memorial Scholarship. Congratulations to them, their families, and the Career Development Programs, local union and Steelworker districts they represent.

From District 1:

  • Melissa Wolf of N. Ridgeville, OH. Melissa is the daughter of USW Local 979 member James Wolf, USW/ArcelorMittal-Cleveland.

From District 4:

  • Amanda Haley of Blasdell, NY. Melissa is the daughter of USW Local 135 member Linda Haley, USW/Sumitomo-Buffalo.

From District 7:

  • Janisa Velazquez of Highland, IN. Janisa is the daughter of USW Local 1010 member Arlinda Velazquez, USW/ArcelorMittal-Indiana Harbor East.

From District 9:

  • Jennifer Brill of Fayetteville, NC. Jennifer is the daughter of USW Local 959 member Kenny Brill, USW/Goodyear-Fayetteville.
  • Elisha Scott of Fayetteville, NC is the daughter of USW Local 959 member Connie Washington, USW/Goodyear-Fayetteville.
  • Taylor Stanfield of Winter Haven, FL. Taylor is the daughter of USW Local 1055 member Randall Allen, USW/Bridgestone-LaVergne.

From District 10:

  • Matthew Brothers of Sarver, PA. Matthew is the son of USW Local 1196 member Leisa Brothers, USW/ATI-Brackenridge.
  • Kari Huth of Sarver, PA. Kari is the daughter of USW Local 1196 member Charles Huth, USW/ATI-Brackenridge.
  • Robert Jendrejewski of Sarver, PA. Robert is the son of USW Local 1196 member Robert Jendrejewski, USW/ATI-Brackenridge.
  • Miranda Reesman of Vandergrift, PA. Miranda is the daughter of USW Local 1138 member George Reesman, USW/ATI-Vandergrift. 
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Unpacking from the conference

Wow, the election, Mobile, and Thanksgiving -- I’m exhausted!

I hope everyone had a great time in Mobile. I want to thank you all for your participation. We could not have had a successful conference without everyone’s help and interaction. I hope that you were able to take back to your sites some useful information to use and share with your members.

Of course, one of our big follow-ups will be putting together a committee and planning for the new Education Week. We will start planning that shortly after the first of the year.

online and we would appreciate any feedback, good and bad.  We value your input and strive to improve every conference.

For those who couldn’t attend, all the presentations will be available on our website.  

We were also proud to announce that Mike McCormick and E.J. Black from USW/AK Steel-Ashland were awarded the Lynn Williams Award. What they have done since the probable shutdown of their plant has been nothing short of amazing.

Finally, on a sad note, David Austin passed away last week.  David was the Coordinator at USW/Goodyear-Danville. He was an excellent coordinator and will be missed greatly. Our condolences go out to David’s family, friends and co-workers.

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