Lifelong Learning for USW Members

“Experience has shown that worker growth and development are stunted when programs are mandated from above, but flourish in an atmosphere of voluntary participation in self-designed and self-directed training and education.” USW/Company Contract Language

National Scope

Institute for Career Development is a national joint labor-management eduation program of the United Steelworkers and participating companies where USW members work.

Local Focus

Each Career Development program is locally governed by a committee composed of members of the Local Union and representatives of the participating company.

Individualized Learning

Participants design and develop their own training and education plan according to their personal goals, choosing courses and programs to meet their individual learning objectives.

News from the Field

From Our Own Backyard: Pete Smith

The most interesting man in the world is NOT a TV pitchman for Mexican beer.

As it turns out, he is a father of three, a youth mentor, an All-American, one of 16 children, a member of two Halls of Fame, a cancer survivor, an Army veteran, a world-class high jumper, a husband, a community activist, a marathon runner, a grandfather of six, and a 1996 Olympic Torch Bearer.

He is also a Steelworker of 39 years and an active member of the USW/U.S. Steel-Gary Works Local Joint Committee. You know him as Pete Smith.

ICD featured in public radio story on worker training

A reporter from Public Radio International's The World program recently visited the USW/ArcelorMittal-Burns Harbor Career Development Program to speak to USW Local 6787 members there about what motivates them to seek the training we provide.

The reporter was working on a larger story dealing with how manufacturing workers are adjusting to the globalization of the industry and how programs like ICD can be of assistance.

The link to the story is below. Give it a listen.

Sun Prairie site showcase

The USW/Continental ContiTech-Sun Prairie Local Joint Committee put together a site showcase, in lieu of doing a site video, for the 2016 ICD National Conference.

The presentation highlights some of the courses and success stories from the program for 2016. We hope you enjoy.

Local 1357 member showcases his skills

For more than a dozen years, USW/ATIMetals-New Bedford Local Joint Committee member Shawn Bowen has been using his Career Development benefit to pursue his true passion -- woodworking and furniture making.

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